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GenerLink Transfer Switch

We offer full service consultation, delivery, installation and training for GenerLink Transfer Switches including coordination with your utility for installation.  

Easily plug in your portable generator to your main electrical line quickly, easily and safely with a GenerLink Transfer Switch
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The GenerLink Transfer Switch is a game-changer for homeowners seeking uninterrupted power supply during outages. This innovative device seamlessly connects your home to a portable generator, offering numerous benefits:

  • Simplified Power Management: Say goodbye to manual intervention and tangled cords. GenerLink automates the switch to generator power, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Directly connect your generator to essential appliances without running cords through windows or doors.
  • Increased Safety: GenerLink eliminates backfeeding risks, complying with electrical codes and protecting utility workers a​nd equipment.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilize your existing portable generator instead of investing in a permanent standby generator, saving you money.
  • Peace of Mind: Stay powered during any outage, from severe weather to utility maintenance, and enjoy uninterrupted electrical services.

Experience convenience, safety, and peace of mind with the GenerLink Transfer Switch. Keep your home powered and your family comfortable, no matter the circumstances.

GenerLink Transfer Switch

CAD$1,500 - $2,800

There are two models of the GenerLink transfer switch avaliable:

  • MA23 (30-Amp): This model of the GenerLink works with portable generators that have a running wattage below 8,500 watts.
  • MA42 (40-Amp): This model of the GenerLink works with portable generators that have a running wattage  below 10,000 watts.

GenerLock Power Cable is also avaliable

  • The GenerLink comes with a FREE 20-foot GenerLok cable, and you can upgrade to a longer length if you need it
  • We recommend measuring the distance between your portable generator and the location where the GenerLink will be installed to decide how long you need your GenerLok cord to be.
  • We currently offer the GenerLok as a 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100-foot long cord.
  • L14-20 Locking: Delivers up to 20 amps of power to your home
  • L14-30 Locking: Delivers up to 30 amps of power to your home. 
  • L14-50 Straight: Delivers up to 50 amps of power to your home. 

Included Services

  • Buy with confidence - Consultation with a certified electrician
  • Installation Included - We deliver and install with training included
  • Permitting Service - We submit for all proper permits
  • Utility Coordiantion -  We coordinate with the local power utility for install
  • Piece of mind - 1 Year installation warranty
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